the Nebraska State Quilt Guild's annual convention

Raffle Quilt

Nebraska’s Bright Stars

"Nebraska’s Bright Stars" is the 2018 Nebraska State Quilt Guild Raffle Quilt.
  • The stars and the crystals represent all of the special people (especially quilters), special events, or special places in Nebraska.
  • The pieced background reflect the various shades of blue in the Nebraska night skies. 
  • The variety of designs and colors of the Mariner’s Compass stars represent all the friendships, colorful personalities, qualities and different interests in our lives. They also represent the unique qualities of the state, Nebraska citizens, and unique areas in the state – parks, landscapes, rivers, history, etc. 
  • The 672 Thunder Polish Glass Crystals represent generosity -- all the things we do for our family, community and state, making lives sparkle. 
Or, the stars and colors can represent anything you personally want to be represented.

“The brightest stars are those who shine for the benefit of others” -- This is what Nebraska State Quilt Guild members do. So shine no matter where you are.

"Friends are like Stars, You don't always see them, but you know they are always there" – a favorite quote from your President Elect, Cindy Scheinost.

Nebraska’s Bright Stars was designed by Jan Sears, Kimball, NE; Sharon Cripps, Whitney, NE; and Cindy Scheinost, Scottsbluff, NE. It was pieced and beaded by Jan Sears and Sharon Cripps. It was quilted by Whitney Tewahade, Ta-da Quilt Shop, Chadron, NE.